Beginner's Guide to WDA

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    Beginner's Guide to WDA

    Post by Alduin Bane on Wed Apr 11, 2012 11:07 pm

    Welcome, fellow traveler! I am Alduin, the dragon of old. You may or may not be new to this realm, but this Academy is different from what you would expect. Here is a guide intended to familiarize you with the many different aspects of the White Dragon Academy including the systems we have here at play. Firstly, check out the Rules so you can become familiar with what is expected from you here.

    A little information on who we are:

    White Dragon Academy is a community of people who enjoy dueling. Our primary focus is on having a fun environment where people can come to talk, hang out, enjoy themselves, and participate in single duels or tournaments. The focus of having an Academy is so that we can learn more about the game and strategies, make new friends to chat and compete with, and generally just have a great time. When you're here, you are not restricted to just talking about dueling or anything related to that. We have a whole list of subforums where you can come to talk about anything ranging from entertainment, art, forum games, and even deep discussions about politics, religion, and spirituality. We are a community.

    How to Join the Academy

    Head over to the Admissions Forum for further information about how to join the White Dragon Academy.

    The Staff

    The Chancellor is the head of the Academy; the Administrator. He develops and oversees all systems and procedures, as well as maintaining staff workflow. This includes the forum and ranking system, tournaments, wars, events, experience, Gold, setting the rules, and ensuring that everyone follows the rules. Most importantly, his job is to ensure that you have fun here at White Dragon Academy, so don't ever hesitate to talk to him with any questions, concerns, or suggestions!

    The Councilors are the moderators of the Academy. They help run the Academy in the same way as the Chancellor does, however they have less responsibilities and more of a limit on what they are capable of doing. The main difference is that while the Chancellor creates new things, the Councilors only maintain and run those things. However, if you need anything, they are just as available to help you out! The Councilors do not have power over any of the Houses.

    Each House Leader is called a Magistrate and acts as a sit-in Councilor, with the specific task of heading the development of their faction.

    The Masters are experts at the game. Their objective is to help everyone understand the game better and introduce us to new cards and strategies. They are the ones in charge of the Classroom and the Duel Arenas.

    The Noble and Wise Isenhjarta is the ancient White Dragon upon which this Order is founded. Very rarely, Academy students catch him wandering the grounds and use this opportunity to access his immense knowledge and vast wisdom in asking him questions about the Academy or the history of Dueling. He is the final word on every happening within this Academy.

    The Houses

    There are four total houses in the White Dragon Academy, three of which you are able to join: Daedalic Archaeus, Camden Aravinda, and Blackflame Phoenix. The fourth house, Dragon's Rend, is joined by invitation only. Each house is represented by one of the four elements: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire, and each attracts a different type of person. Go to the Houses subforum to find out more information about what house you're most suited towards!

    The Points System

    Here at WDA, our points come in the form of Gold. You can earn gold various ways - through tournaments, duels, and other Academy-sanctioned events and procedures. This gold can be spent to buy decks or privileges, and can also be used in the Shadow Arena for wager matches.

    Upon Joining, you get +50 Gold.
    Ranking to Adept: +100 Gold.
    Ranking to Expert: +150 Gold.
    Ranking to Master: +200 Gold.

    The Experience System

    You earn Experience by participating in Academy-sanctioned duels. Experience points (XP) can be awarded through tournaments, but are primarily earned by battling members of the Academy. For each win against the same level you earn 1 XP, and 1 more XP for each level they are above you. Enough XP enables you to level up. Once you earn enough levels, you can rank up. More information can be found in the post entitled The Experience System.

    The Dueling Systems

    Here at WDA we have two Arenas accessible for our duelists to participate in: The Dueling Arena and The Shadow Arena.

    The Dueling Arena is where you battle against Academy members for Experience in order to rank up. The winner of these matches gets experience, the loser gains only heartache.

    The Shadow Arena is where wager matches are held. Those who want to gamble their Gold against their fellow students are able to officially do that there, however much they want to wager, whatever match restrictions they set - its fair game as long as both people agree.

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