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    Coming Soon to the Academy...

    Post by Alduin Bane on Thu Apr 19, 2012 6:57 pm

    Here are the features we are currently working on!

    Primarily: an RPG System, consisting of two things:
    1. War of the Runes
    2. YuGiOh RPG

    In War of the Runes, each character will get a "Rune," that is a card with a special power that will give them abilities they can use in and out of battle. They battle for runes, the winner taking the loser's rune, and the one who collects all of the runes will be Master of the Runes.

    In YuGiOh RPG, players start off with a basic deck of cards and can buy Booster Packs and such to upgrade their decks!

    I will be attempting to incorporate all of these systems into one, and include them in the forum's main dueling systems! Stay tuned for more...

    All suggestions are welcome!

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